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How to Keep Shoes in a Perfect Condition For a Long Time?

18 Feb 2022   author: Yuko

In order for your shoes to have a perfect look and wear for a long time, they should be properly looked after, in particular, cleaned. While for smooth skin, it can be washed, rubbed and creamed, suede makes things more difficult. It requires a special approach, the use of narrowly focused shoe cosmetics or simple home appliances and tools. Read below how to tidy up suede shoes, as well as how to keep leather shoes in perfect condition.

Shoe Care Kit
Shoe Care Kit

How to take care of leather shoes?

Managers of the Respect online shoe store said that leather shoes need to be nourished: if they are not moistened for a long time or stored in a hot place, they may dry out, lose elasticity, and their appearance will deteriorate. Upon returning home, shoes should be wiped down, even if they are outwardly clean. There is dust on the surface, if you do not remove it, but simply cream it before leaving, the dust will accumulate, clog in the cracks, and remain plaque. This can be seen on light-colored shoes, where dust and pollution are immediately noticeable.

In addition, light-colored shoes require more thorough care, they should be constantly wiped and washed. In the raining or muddy weather, don't leave your shoes overnight when you get home. They will dry out, and will be more difficult to wash, besides, the dirt will penetrate in the surface, on light boots this will be reflected in the form of spots. Treat shoes with cream no later than an hour before going out, the product should be absorbed, and after that it is advised to rub the surface with a special napkin. Also, do not cream wet shoes, or put half-wet shoes in a box for storage.

How to maintain suede shoes?

Suede boots are best cleaned with a brush after each wear, so you remove dust and prevent it from accumulating on the surface. They will tell you this in any boutique and online shoe store. Get a special tool for suede: in summer you need a dust-repellent spray, and in winter, a moisture-proof one. You can freshen up suede shoes with a jet of steam from the steam generator. Standard dirt can be removed with a brush or washcloth. Sprinkle oily spots with talc (starch), and after a while brush them off.

In the case when starch and talc did not help and the stain remained, the specialists of shoe stores advise making a slurry of water, starch and ammonia, and treat the stain with the composition, and after complete drying, clean off the waste residue. Vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:4 will help clean a dirty surface. After wetting a cloth in the solution and wringing it out, you should wipe the entire surface of the boot. After treatment, blot with a dry cloth, and leave to dry. If the suede became smooth, steam it and then brush it, this will restore the original appearance.

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