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Benefits of Satin Bedding

18 Feb 2022   author: Yuko

Satin is a natural cotton fabric with a high thread density. In its structure, this material resembles silk, but is cheaper.

Today bed linen from sateen enjoys great and well-deserved popularity. This became possible due to the high performance and quality of the products.

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The main advantages of using satin bed sets

Satin products look very noble and expensive. The material has been widely used in tailoring, bedding and products for comfortable sleep. The range of this material is amazing. Of the many undoubted advantages of this product, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • • Lingerie has a stunning appearance. "Cotton silk" looks stylish in a modern interior.
  • • Sheets do not wrinkle and retain their original appearance for a long time. Taking caring of products made from this fabric does not cause great difficulties.
  • • The material is hypoallergenic. Satin beddings can be used even for babies.
  • • Great durability. Accessories sewn from satin will serve their owners for many years.
Satin is a hygroscopic material that "breathes" and does not slip off the bed or sofa. In winter, it keeps warm. Sleeping under a satin duvet is comfortable and pleasant. The fabric helps relieve fatigue and restores muscles after hard work.

Choosing the right satin products

If you decide to purchase sleepwear made of "cotton silk", then pay attention to the information indicated on the packaging. Quality bed linen contains 100% cotton.

The second indicator, which is of great importance when choosing satin bedding, is the density of the threads. One square centimeter of this material should contain 110 - 180 threads. The higher this number, the more dense and durable the fabric will be.

If satin products are purchased in an offline store, then you can check the quality of the seams. Make sure you use a straight stitch. For sewing linen, a special seam is used, which has high strength, but does not cause discomfort when it touches the skin.

Satin pillowcases, duvets and sheets are easy to clean. If you need to wash, choose a temperature from 40 to 60 degrees Celsium. This will reduce the risk of fabric shrinkage.

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